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Jessa's Place

Jessa’s Place

Jessa’s Place is spearheaded by David and Kate Grubb whose daughter Jessica died of an opioid overdose in March of 2016. The Grubbs also have a daughter, Emma, who is autistic. In honor of the special bond between Jessica and Emma, and recognizing the benefit that recovery patients who from being in service to others, the Grubbs developed Jessa’s Place.

Jessa’s Place provides residential community housing for individuals with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities. Residents of Jessa’s Place will interface with T-Center clients who may volunteer to participate in a “Giving Voice to Autism” program designed to allow the recovering patient the opportunity to get out of self by being of service to the residents of Jessa’s Place.

Each house in the Jessa’s Place community will house three residents, who will be supported by the appropriate level of case management and, of course, the volunteers from the T-Center. The goal is to build 6-10 homes on the 20 acre campus. Funding for Jessa’s Place is provided by the Jessica Grubb Memorial Fund.